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The use of platelet-rich plasma is one of the most natural ways for the body to effectively heal itself. PRP can treat anything from hair loss to arthritis, becoming a permanent solution with minimal downtime and maximum results.

~ Dr. Kauffman




Learn what PRP is and why it is such a big deal!

You may have heard about PRP for a variety of reasons. Maybe it’s because professional athletes are using it for injuries or celebrities are using it for facelifts…but how can one treatment be used for such vastly different purposes?

Well the simple answer is that PRP, which stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, is one of the most natural and effective methods to allow the body to heal itself. This minimally invasive procedure extracts the body’s own growth material, enriched with platelets, and then is injected back into the body. Healing comes when the PRP releases growth factors that promote natural tissue healing.

So, rather than healing and regenerating the body through unnatural, invasive procedures, PRP uses the body’s natural methods of healing in an innovative way.

This is why it can be used for such a wide variety of purposes, from sports injuries and facelifts to hair loss and arthritis. Using the body’s natural process of regeneration, PRP can naturally treat anything that requires the body to rejuvenate growth.

By the body healing naturally, this should promote a permanent solution to bodily pain and wear. PRP therapy relieves pain without the risks of surgery, general anesthesia, or hospital stays and without a prolonged recovery. In fact, most people return to their jobs or usual activities right after the procedure.

If you think this PRP procedure may be the best treatment option for you, or if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Stuart A. Kauffman.

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