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The addition of stem cell to PRP helps the regeneration process work more quickly. It can address more advanced injuries, and issues such as torn ligaments and muscle fibers.

~ Dr. Kauffman


Golf Icon Jack Nicklaus Talks Successful Stem Cell Therapy

Jack Nicklaus’ secret stem cell therapy: ‘I didn’t keep it private; no one asked me about it’

~Article by Dr. S. Gupta & R. Selig, CNN

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PRP With Stem Cell Treatments

PRP with Stem Cell encourages accelerated healing

While PRP injections use the patient’s own blood to separate platelets in a centrifuge, stem cell therapy extracts stem cells from either bone marrow or fat tissue, used in conjunction with platelets. Stem cells from bone marrow produce cartilage and are typically used in treating arthritic conditions and sports injuries.

The benefit of both treatments are doubled when used in conjunction with each other. As in the garden example, water paired with fertilizer allows plants in the garden to generate more quickly and efficiently. In the same way, PRP and stem cell injection therapy work in together to address advanced injuries. Stem cells are utilized along with PRP to heal an osteoarthritic joint, torn ligaments, or to regrow cartilage.

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