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PRP allows competitive athletes to heal quickly, effectively and permanently to do what they do best without the risk of surgery or steroid injections.

~ Dr. Kauffman



How PRP Changed the Game for Sports Injury

The sports injury solution that will put you back into the game

Athletes are tough on their bodies. The rigorous requirements of their daily activities can easily result in injury. Even the most careful athletes encounter strains and weakness from repeated use. So what’s an athlete to do when faced with inconvenient injuries?

Typically, these types of injuries have been treated with medications, physical therapy, or even surgery. But, these methods of treatment are expensive and extensive. Depending on the injury, you could be out of the game for months, if not longer. Whether you are a professional athlete or not, such solutions are far from ideal.

You might have heard about famous athletes — such as Hines Ward, Tiger Woods, and Alex Rodriguez — receiving PRP for a variety of problems. While Hines Ward was treated for an ankle sprain, PRP can be used to treat chronic tendon injuries and many other wear and tear injuries on the body.

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In the example in the video, where football player Hines Ward was able to recover from a sprained ankle with minimal recovery time (and was ready to play in the Super Bowl!) using a PRP treatment. Some athletes have credited PRP with their being able to return more quickly to competition. PRP is ideal for competitive athletes because it allows them to heal quickly, effectively, and permanently and without Cortisone, steroid, or risky medications. If you think this PRP procedure may be the best treatment option for you, or if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Stuart A. Kauffman.