Until recently, procedures to treat sports injuries, address hair loss and administer facials were associated with the use of synthetics and/or toxins, pain or unrealistic expectations were not uncommon. Promises of quick recovery, new hair growth and a youthful appearance often lead to disappointment, too much money spent and unfulfilled hopes.

The innovative use of PRP therapy in treating the previously mentioned scenarios has turned larger than life expectations into reasonable, effective and reliable solutions. Learn why Kauffman PRP is your go-to for PRP treatment in Philly.

The Best Reasons for you to Seek PRP Treatment in Philly

PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections are becoming increasingly lucrative in treating a number of conditions. Why? Several reasons, but one of the greatest, is that PRP relies exclusively on the extraction of the body’s own growth factors. These super-sized healing regenerators, when injected into problem areas, can be used to help naturally heal and restore a number of issues from arthritis and sprains to hair loss and signs of aging.

In addition to being completely natural, without the use of potentially harmful toxins or synthetics, PRP is minimally invasive, virtually painless and leads to permanent results.

It’s common for visible results to occur within 3 to 4 sessions of PRP therapy.

A Variety of PRP Treatment Services

Kauffman PRP is your choice for PRP treatment in Philly because in addition to excellent customer service, experienced orthopedic, cosmetic and overall medical expertise, we offer a variety of PRP therapies, including:

  • Hair loss treatment – to encourage new and permanent hair growth and prevent continued loss of hair.
  • Sports Medicine PRP – athletes need a swift and effective solution to injuries, that’s why we treat tendonitis, muscle and ligament sprains and more
  • Facials – PRP facials (sometimes referred to as vampire facials) restore collagen to help reduce the signs of aging including repair of, sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines and scarring

If you’d like to schedule a consultation for PRP treatment in Philly, Kauffman PRP would love help you. Please call us today.

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