While baldness may not typically affect the general health of an individual, it can sometimes cause a severely negative impact on self esteem. This is especially the case if you’re a woman with thinning hair or a young man who is balding prematurely. No matter what the case, PRP hair restoration in Bryn Mawr might offer the solution to your balding.

The Advantages of Using PRP for Hair Restoration in Bryn Mawr

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has emerged as a new treatment modality in regenerative plastic surgery, and has also been revealed to aid in hair regrowth. PRP injections deliver considerably positive effects on male pattern hair loss without major side effects.Numerous studies have suggested that PRP for hair restoration is a valuable and effective tool.

But beyond the backing of the scientific community, there are other advantages to using PRP for hair restoration. These include:

  • The blood used for Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy comes from a person’s own body, by using a patient’s own blood, there is little to no risk of it not being effective.
  • The high success rate paired with quick results are also fantastic advantages for PRP. Most patients notice results within three to six months of the treatment, which helps the appearance to be less drastic. This gradual hair regrowth gives people an ability to adjust to the outcome in a natural manner.
  • Compared to other hair restoration treatments, such as hair transplants, can be expensive, while pills and topical solutions often don’t work well. Alternatively, PRP is surprisingly affordable as a hair regrowth solution.

PRP is a more effective method than traditional hair loss treatments, and patients have seen results in natural new hair growth in as few as 3 treatments, sometimes even after the first. If you think that PRP hair restoration in Bryn Mawr might be the right treatment option for you, or if you have more questions don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Stuart A. Kauffman.

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