The biggest beauty trend of 2017 is a natural, youthful look; this year is leaning towards a fresh face, without heavy makeup and false lashes. The desire for an authentic and stripped down appearance is great for our skin.

Unfortunately, not all of us are young anymore and this trend towards a natural look means that everyone can see the wrinkles, sun damage, and dark spots on our faces. And no one wants that. While cosmetic surgery can help correct this, solutions like botox often look fake, the exact opposite of the natural look we are going for.

So what’s one to do?

PRP facial in Philly of course!

This solution, Platelet-Rich Plasma facelift or PRP facial, is gaining in popularity as an alternative to traditional cosmetic procedures because of its organic nature and because it works. It uses plasma taken from the patient’s own blood instead of chemicals injected into the body; and even better, the results look natural!

Restore Your Face with a PRP Facial in Philly

While other similar procedures like Botox and fillers come with long recovery times and often minimal and short term results. PRP encourages the growth of your body’s own collagen, which results in naturally smooth and radiant skin. After a few treatments over the span of a month you will already see noticeable results – with some people seeing results as early as the first treatment.

Platelet Rich Plasma literally stimulates new cell growth in the patient’s face. It causes the face to restore itself the natural way without using chemicals or foreign substances of any kind. This means there are no negative side effects and a PRP facial offers a more permanent solution than any other method.

A PRP facial in Philly is just the solution you need to restore your skin so that you look naturally young. If you think benefit from PRP procedure or if you have further questions, please contact Dr. Stuart A. Kauffman.

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