Why PRP Therapy is More Tempting Than a Cinnabon

If you’ve ever had a Cinnabon cinnamon roll, you are most likely a) salivating at the mere mention, b) saying to yourself: there is nothing more tempting than a Cinnabon roll or, c) as soon as I’m done reading this, it’s game on Cinnabon! Although it is completely normal to have this reaction, you may at least want to get past the first subheading, where you will be tempted by something else; perhaps not literally as delicious as a Cinnabon, but equally if not more enticing.

PRP therapy is as figuratively delicious in its natural, regenerative healing potential as it comes; and you don’t have to go to a mall to find it.

5 Reasons PRP Therapy is More Tempting andCost Effective than a Cinnabon

As tasty as a Cinnabon can be, there are a few fundamental issues associated with them, beginning with the fact that one sticky cinnamon roll equals to 880 calories. Cinnabons are also commonly found in malls, and more malls are closing down every day.

In addition to being calorie free and not likely performed in a mall, PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapyis more tempting than a Cinnabon because:

PRP Therapy has an Infinitely Longer Shelf Life than a Cinnabon

Cinnabon is not meant to be savored over long periods of time. PRP therapy, however, is a versatile and lasting therapy, that can treat a number of issues from sports-related injuries to hair loss and cosmetic issues.

At Kauffman PRP, our PRP therapy services address:

Look, there’s nothing wrong with indulging a Cinnabon once in awhile, but just remember that as tempting as it is, it’s probably more painful in the long run. Although, on the flip side, PRP therapycan always heal the ravages inflicted by a surplus of 880+ calories, right?

If you’d like to schedule a consultation for PRP therapy (or bring us a Cinnabon), contact us today.

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