Understanding the Different Types of Stem Cells

If you suffer from injuries, degenerative joint conditions, or soft tissue damage, regenerative medicine could be the answer to your problems. These therapies harness the power of the stem cells and vital growth factors found in your body to reverse painful damage or disease and restore function at the site.

At PRP in Philadelphia, Dr. Stuart A Kauffman brings the most advanced regenerative treatments available to the Huntington Valley community, including stem cell, Lipogems®, and PRP therapies. Keep reading to learn more about these revolutionary treatments.

Rebuilding with stem cells

Stem cells are unique cells in the human body that can form several different types of tissue, like cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. You can find these important building blocks in several different places, including:

You can also find stem cells and growth factors in your fat and blood. When concentrated and injected into an injury, stem cells help heal and repair damage at an accelerated rate because they work on a cellular level.

Most regenerative therapies provide pain relief within a few weeks of treatment as your body goes through the healing process.

Fighting pain with fat

The Lipogems device received FDA-approval for widespread use in November 2016. This technology works by gently suctioning out some of your body fat and processing it. This approach concentrates your fat’s healing substances, including stem cells and growth factors. Then, Lipogems injects these beneficial properties into your pain site. Once in place, your concentrated fat tissue triggers healing and reduces your pain.

Unlike other therapies that your system quickly absorbs, your fat tissue from a Lipogems treatment remains in place for much longer. This allows the treatment area to get the maximum benefits of the healing stem cell and growth factor properties for a longer period. It’s also a safe alternative to cortisone injections and surgical treatments.

Lipogems treatments can help several conditions, including:

In addition to treating injuries or degenerative issues, you can also use Lipogems treatments in tandem with arthroscopic surgeries to support the healing process.

The power of platelets

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, or PRP, concentrates the growth agents in your blood and platelets to regenerate injured or damaged tissue. During this treatment, we draw your blood and concentrate its healing factors by spinning it in a centrifuge. Once concentrated, we can inject it into your pain site.

We recommend PRP for a variety of conditions, including:

This regenerative treatment can help you avoid surgery or be used in combination with surgery to help accelerate the healing process. In some cases, we may recommend PRP in tandem with other stem cell treatments.

To learn more about stem cell therapies, call us at PRP in Philadelphia, or schedule an appointment online today.

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